The Best Packing Methods for Your Next Orlando Vacation

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There are many schools of thought on the best way to pack a suitcase, so we’ve rounded up three of the most popular for you to choose from the next time you are packing up for an Orlando vacation. Read on to learn more.  

The Roll Method

One of the most common packing methods is the roll method. There are a few variations on this, including the “Ranger Roll,” which involves creating a pocket and tucking your rolled clothes into that pocket. The overall concept is quite simple. To keep clothes compact and wrinkle-free, roll them individually and slot them into your bag like puzzle pieces. Make the most of the space in your suitcase by fitting oddly shaped items like shoes and accessories around your already-packed rolled clothing. An oldie but a goodie, many travelers swear that the rolling approach is the only way to pack.

The Cube Method

If you are the type of traveler who digs gadgets and specialty travel items, the packing cube method may be the best way for you to pack. There are many brands of packing cubes on the market that serve the same general purpose: taking the guesswork out of fitting your items together in your case. Packing cubes are typically made of extremely lightweight fabric like polyester and are often sold in sets designed to complement one another in your carry-on. Some cubes offer special features like see-through mesh lining, allowing for compression, or waterproofing. A benefit of going with the cube method is that your items each end up with a dedicated home in your suitcase so that where you store your bathing suit will always be separate from where you store your shoes and so on. Another perk of cubes is that they can easily go from bag to drawer and back to bag without a hassle, making packing and unpacking at your hotel a seamless process. 

The Bundle Method

For the true minimalist, the bundle method is the way to go. This technique also promises wrinkle-free clothing like the roll method but takes the treatment a step further by bundling all your clothing together into one giant roll, or bundle. A benefit of this method is that you can make the core of your bundle a fragile or oddly shaped item and carefully compile the rest of your wardrobe around it. This method calls for clothes to be bundled in a certain order with the heaviest pieces arranged first so that when bundled they end up on the outside of the mass. While this technique requires a bit more thought and precision than the others covered here, once you get the hang of it you’ll likely be converted for life. It makes packing a breeze and you’ll find you can fit more than you ever imagined into a single suitcase.

Once you’re properly packed and ready to make the most of your Orlando vacation, be sure that where you unpack is both comfortable and convenient. Excellent Orlando-area hotel options include the Wyndham Orlando Resort & Conference Center/Celebration, Staybridge Suites Orlando Royale Parc, Fairfield Inn Orlando Airport, and Aloft Orlando International Drive. Near the parks, check out Comfort Inn International, Element Orlando International Drive, and Best Western International Drive as well as the Crowne Plaza Lake Buena Vista or the Fairfield Inn Orlando Lake Buena Vista. 

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