Planning Vacation With New COVID Regulations

Planning a Vacation with New COVID Regulations

Jan 27 2021 | Area Guide

So much has changed over the past year, and while traveling is going to look a bit different for everyone moving forward, planning a vacation with new COVID regulations doesn’t need to be stressful.

With lockdowns and social distancing, there are many people that are ready to taste the freedom of traveling. In using our tips, following the World Health Organization guidelines, and abiding by restrictions based on state or country, people can once again travel safely.

And if you’re considering a fun filled vacation in a sunny destination, why not plan a trip to Orlando? Here’s a few steps you can take for a stress-free trip:

1. Find a hotel in advance that follows COVID-19 guidelines

Advanced hotel bookings are always a great idea to avoid last-minute inconveniences.

And during the pandemic, it’s even more important to book early so that you feel comfortable during your stay. Many hotels will have their current COVID-19 policies listed on their website, but if they don’t, make sure to call and confirm ahead of time. Restrictions can vary between hotels, and across different counties.

2. Research travel restrictions

When traveling amid the pandemic, it’s important to be aware of travel restrictions and to prepare for them in advance.

If you are an international traveler, make sure you get yourself tested. Also, research about the do’s and don’ts on the mode of transportation you wish to use.

Ready to plan your Disney vacation? Try to do some research on Orlando and Disney safety guidelines before you book your trip.

3. Book your flight early

The best way to plan a Disney vacation on a budget is to book your flight as early as possible!

Booking your flight early is one of the best ways to ensure you’re getting the best deal. As more people are beginning to travel again, ticket prices will go up.

4. Research your hotel’s amenities in case of an unpredicted longer stay

Due to the unpredictability in travel during the pandemic, you never know what restrictions might be upheld, prolonging your stay at the hotel. In the case that you would need to extend your stay, make sure you’re at a hotel that provides the amenities that will make you feel the most comfortable.

5. Book theme park & attraction tickets ahead of time

If you have a list of exciting attractions you want to visit on your trip, it’s best to book your tickets in advance. For example, you can get better deals at Disney World if you check-in earlier rather than at the gate.

6. Plan out your daily activities

Orlando has many fun attractions, making it impossible to visit all of them in one trip. Therefore, it’s essential to make an itinerary of your entire trip, especially the theme parks. You can even look for websites that predict the peak hours for attractions to avoid massive crowds and stay safe.

7. Fun Florida Hotels

All of our resorts near Disney hotels adhere to Covid-19 cleaning protocols, and while it’s essential to take all necessary precautions and follow travel guidelines, you can still find a healthy travel destination that you can enjoy with the family.

If you’re planning a trip to Orlando, make sure to browse through our hotels and attractions pages, and contact our team at Fun Florida Hotels with any questions you may have.

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